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“If you don’t try you will never know what you are really capable of.” — RAXA

“Forgiveness cleanses your heart and allows you to be free.” — RAXA

“Living your life doing what you desire to do will continue to help you grow and
become the best you deserve to be.” — RAXA

“Success revolves around not being afraid to make mistakes.” — RAXA

“Find the good in you! Sometimes we don’t see the positive happening in our
life because we are only focused on the negative.” — RAXA

“Doing something new that makes you feel uncomfortable is what is going to
help you grow.” — RAXA

“The more you complain the less productive you will be.” — RAXA

“Nothing is impossible when you have faith and don’t give up. So believe
because it is possible.” — RAXA

“Anything worth having, you have to work hard for.” — RAXA

“A great way you can get to know yourself is by facing a fear.” — RAXA

“We are all born with a gift. Your job is to find, harness, and put it to great use.” — RAXA

“Don’t fear the future; your past has prepared you.” — RAXA

“A part of growing is to take responsibility for the mistakes you have done. So
let go of what does not make you grow.” — RAXA

“Untreated pain eventually leads to anger.” — RAXA

“Forget about the past and create a new beginning.” — RAXA

“Expect the best and the best is assured.” — RAXA

“Giving to others is the greatest gift you can give yourself.” — RAXA

“Don’t dwell on the past if it’s not going to lead you to a brighter future.” — RAXA

“You find your best when you believe in yourself.” — RAXA

“Surround yourself with people, who care about you, they will bring out the
best in you.” — RAXA

“Stop complaining and start succeeding.” — RAXA

“Words create the energy you need to move mountains.” — RAXA

“Often we don’t see our potential because the mirror we use does not provide
an accurate reflection.” — RAXA

“Waiting for something good to happen, will result in it happening to someone
else.” — RAXA

“When you run from your problems, you never actually leave the starting gate.” — RAXA

“Instead of casting judgment on others, judge only what should be right for
you.” — RAXA

“Unrealistic expectations will only lead to disappointment.” — RAXA

“Excuses will only hinder your destiny.” — RAXA

“Repetition will build your confidence.” — RAXA

“What does not fulfill you and what does not have a positive impact on your
life, should just be let go.” — RAXA

“When you pretend to be someone you’re not, can you ever be considered a
leader?” — RAXA

“Doubting yourself is a way of knowing you have insecurity.” — RAXA

“Taking responsibility for your mistakes is a sign of your strength.” — RAXA

“The way you treat others is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.” — RAXA

“Running from problems will only create another problem unsolved.” — RAXA

“Loving yourself first will elevate you to new heights.” — RAXA

“Love is a great teacher of happiness.” — RAXA

“Giving up on your dreams gives room for others to reach them.” — RAXA

“Be true to yourself so you can be able to love what surrounds you.” — RAXA

“Do not ignore your strengths it’s your engine for success.” — RAXA

“Be grateful for what you have and build your dreams from it.” — RAXA

“Listening facilitates and creates understanding.” — RAXA

“Loving yourself will allow others to truly love you.” — RAXA

“Laziness is a lack of passion for a cause.” — RAXA

“Why worry about what others think of you, when it has more to do about how
they feel about themselves.” — RAXA

“Mistakes are the foundation of excellence.” — RAXA

“When you give to others you are the one who actually receives.” — RAXA

“A key rule to growing is letting go of what does not work for you.” — RAXA

“If you are not achieving your goals don’t look to blame others.” — RAXA

“Solitude is critical for becoming self-aware.” — RAXA

“You can learn from others mistakes but you will only grow from making your
own.” — RAXA

“Smiling is stress leaving your body.” — RAXA

“What’s around the corner should create excitement not anxiety.” — RAXA

“Don’t allow your anger to diminish your creativity.” — RAXA

“Be grateful for what you have and thankful for what will come.” — RAXA

“Only you have the power to fulfill your destiny.” — RAXA

“Be faithful to yourself first.” — RAXA

“If I can, then you can too.” — RAXA

“I will always move forward.” — RAXA

“The only obstacle you have in life is you.” — RAXA

“Happiness cannot be stopped by any one individual.” — RAXA

“Winning requires a commitment to daily preparation.” — RAXA

“My energy is only being used to thrive for success.” — RAXA

“I realize what I visualize.” — RAXA

“Search for your strength it’s your engine for success” — RAXA

“When you believe in yourself the payoff is deserved.” — RAXA

“Remember you deserve to give as well as receive the best.” — RAXA

“When you persuade someone to love you, you are only allowing them to use
you.” — RAXA

“Listen leads to learning.” — RAXA

“Every achievement was born of a strong belief.” — RAXA

“When you appreciate others, it encourages them to be their best.” — RAXA

“When you find the good in others you discover another reason to believe in
yourself.” — RAXA

“Appreciate YOU!” — RAXA

“True friends Empathize.” — RAXA

“Focusing on the negative blinds you to the positive.” — RAXA

“Remember all you need to succeed is YOU!” — RAXA

“You will be fine if you just find the courage to take the next step forward.” –

“I am secure enough to make mistakes.” — RAXA

“Trust in what you believe; Believe in what you trust.” — RAXA

“I prefer to take small but certain steps to avoid any missteps.” — RAXA

“Focus fuels your dreams.” — RAXA

“Don’t be afraid to take an alternate route to your final destination.” — RAXA

“I AM driven by my strength.” — RAXA

“Happiness is just a reflection away.” — RAXA

“Sitting idle produces untapped potential.” — RAXA

“I am deaf to negative voices.” — RAXA

“Positivity breeds Positivity, Negativity breeds Negativity. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!”

“Treat time as a precious commodity.” — RAXA

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