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New Year, New Start, New Chance

Now, more than ever we find ourselves really thinking about what we want to change. The New Year is here and we all see this as a new start. But how do we start? Many say New Year resolutions are never completed. We make that goal and hope and pray we get there. The problem is most of us don’t work for it. Hoping and praying can only get us so far, but we need to put forth the effort too. You want that job or the new home? Work for it. Try harder than you have ever tried. Leave the doubts from the past years behind. This is a new year, a new start, a new chance. When you start getting the slightest bit discouraged and your goal just seems so foggy and useless remind yourself of all the benefits and long term happiness it can bring you. Write that goal on a piece of paper and tape it somewhere where you will see it every day. Just as a simple reminder that you have a goal that you are perfectly capable of reaching. Take an extra step and let others know what you are planning for yourself, the support from loved ones will just fuel your desire to succeed. When you achieve that wonderful feeling of reaching a goal that you have worked hard and long for, all the other goals seem all the more possible. This New Year let your wildest dreams free, go out and get it done! Use all that ambition you’ve kept embedded under doubt to fulfill those wishes. Don’t ever underestimate yourself, and most importantly, don’t let a failed goal hold you from trying again. Take a different approach this time and try. You are your biggest obstacle.

Accept life’s challenges, learn from them and prosper.

“My energy is only being used to thrive for success.” -RAXA

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“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you learn to appreciate them when they’re right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” - Marilyn Monroe

A healthy life is one without regrets. Happiness comes from forgiveness. It’s brings a sense of moral goodness. Holding a grudge on people, or more importantly, on life, gets you nowhere. Such anger just spreads negativity. Life is as confusing as a math equation, and sometimes it takes a lot to get the hang of it and gain deep understanding of how it works. A valuable life lesson to always keep in mind is things happen for a reason. Blaming yourself or others is never beneficial. Behind the beauty of happiness is forgiveness. Forgive life because it will always work itself out. Don’t dwell on what is going wrong because while you complain about the bad things, behind the scenes the good things are at work and they are going to bring you a special surprise.

Holding a grudge takes time and effort that could be better spent on something greater and more moving like loving. We all seem to forget that moods are contagious and the worse sickness is negativity which flows and spreads quicker than anything else. It’s easier to forgive and move on. Complaining about something that happened a year ago or ever later is wasting your time and making you look silly to those who have already learned to accept life’s obstacles.

Accept life’s challenges, learn from them and prosper.

“Forgiveness cleanses your heart and allows you to be free.” -RAXA

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“Yes is Difficult to Say When you Have Said “NO” for So Long.” -RAXA

Ariana Silvera

Ariana Silvera

Try to recall the last time you said yes. When was the last time you agreed to a harmless invite from a good friend? We constantly turn down invites because it’s ‘Time wasted’. Time is never wasted. Break the ‘no’ habit and unleash a new part of you. Show the world you haven’t been sucked into societies vacuum and prove you won’t ever be! You still have spunk and personality exploding in you. Go out there and live life! Say yes to someone that you usually say no to. Chances are they approached you already expecting a no, change their mind and display your new unpredictable self. Meet new people, make friends. Go and try different things because there is so much to offer out there. All you need to do is step out of that lousy comfort zone that is holding you back. Everyone is given a beautiful chance at life, but it is truly up to you to embrace life and make the best of it.

Busy schedules need to come to a halt every now and then. Life is short, we need to live every moment to the fullest and take advantage of every opportunity we are blessed with. There isn’t time to take anything in the world for granted. The first step is changing your mind set on life. Stop saying, ‘it’s going to be here tomorrow’ or ‘I can do it another day’. Do it NOW! Tell yourself ‘it won’t be here tomorrow’ ‘you can’t do it another day’. Believe in yourself; believe you have the power to do it now, and that you can.

Here’s todays challenge, say yes

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How Many of us Have been Taught HOW to be Courageous?

How many of us have been taught HOW to be courageous? We live in a world where courage is usually represented by some superhero in a cool costume; demonstrating unrealistic acts of courage. I prefer real life which is full of moments filled with ordinary people showing extraordinary courage in overcoming tremendous obstacles. We see that every day when we see updates from our beloved armed forces make the ultimate sacrifices (Remember it is an all-volunteer force). BUT…, after being bombarded by the recent news of the heinous acts by Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Fine I was thinking about all those people that stood on the side and failed our kids. Those who lacked the courage to say “That is wrong and I am not going to let you get away with that.” Now those are examples of cowards and not courage.

But where does one learn this concept of courage? Hopefully it was at an early age because courage is an important tool for one’s personal development. Teaching the concept of courage to children, can prepare them to forge ahead in life boldly without any fear or qualms of failure. And in the event they are faced with individuals that mean them harm they can scream for help and not suffer in silence.

Courage can be seen as a core factor in gauging a person’s character. It is a critical element in enhancing your personality, especially at a young age. It can stand the test of endurance, build up resilience, and prepare children for the hard knocks in life. And some children face some really hard knocks.

We can teach our children the importance of courage by making sure that our children follow through with values like honesty, compassion, and fairness in their daily lives. Children should be made aware that living an honest life, no matter how difficult it may be at times, is a vital factor in acquiring courage.

If we teach our children to listen to their ‘inner’ voice, which is the voice of conscience in all of us, find it easier to differentiate between right and wrong. Mastering this practice, will teach our children not to succumb to peer pressure or behave irresponsibly against their conscience. It will also enable them to identify those who are looking to harm them. “Son, you need to TRUST YOUR GUT!”

Growing up without courage can be very difficult because some of the biggest challenges are faced during the teen years, when adolescents are required to make any number of decisions pertaining to varied aspects of their lives. It is at these times they could be most vulnerable; however, we will need to teach by our own example how to stand firm in our commitment to our principles. By doing this we are showing courage by example. It will be critical because of the amount of peer pressure that is exerted on today’s youth. OUR KIDS NEED US IN THEIR “CORNER.”

Many times, our children encounter situations when they are required to set aside their fear and speak up boldly. We need to ensure that our children practice owning up for whatever wrong done or mistakes made by letting them know that it would be Ok and that we would be willing to forgive if they try to learn a lesson from it and rectify the wrong done. And even more important is on the flip side that someone is doing them harm; is that we will protect them because we often have seen that so many wrong doings could have been stopped if there was a voice that spoke up in a bold manner. Let them know WE GOT THEIR BACK!

We can encourage our children in this direction by carefully listening to their point of view or what they have to say; our children can learn to take a stand at home when they speak up for their other sibling or a friend whom they believe has not done anything wrong. Taking a stand when someone has behaved inappropriately or done harm to another, and speaking out when someone is wrongly punished or unfairly treated, is clearly what courage is all about.

It is us, the parents and guardians, who can shape a child’s future. Children imbibe the true essence of courage when we spare no effort in teaching them. By pooling in our best efforts, we can make our children persons of strength and good character. It is these children who as adults will continue to live by the lessons in courage that we would have instilled in them.


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Through the use of our powerful, motivational words, phrases, and actions, RAXA will supply the necessary spark of inspiration that fuels and allows others to reach and exhibit their potential.

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