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Celebrate Livin’ Lovin’ Believin’ with our RAXA Family

In addition to the video below, you can also view our other videos about RAXA Inspires on our videos page. We ship our t-shirts immediately upon getting an order, visit our online store.

RAXA is a movement created out of the love felt between Rafael, Alba, Xavier, and Alexxi Bonilla. The feelings that generate from this family provide a positive energy that produces a tremendous sense of fulfillment. Contentment and satisfaction of individuals are extremely contagious, as they provoke others to feel the same way.

Our mission is to inspire those who wish to share their inner talents or gifts with others, but have not been given a podium from which to deliver it. Through the use of our powerful, motivational words and phrases, RAXA hopes to supply the necessary spark of inspiration that fuels and allows others to reach and exhibit their potential. Wearing our RAXA products, is an inspiring way to aim high and strive for success.

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